We are excited to host The Inaugural National HBCU Pre-Law Summit and Law Expo 2019 on Friday, September 19th, 2019, the day preceding the official start of The 6th Annual National HBCU Pre-Law Summit and Law Expo 2019. This event will be held at Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

At this special event organized especially for HBCU pre-law advisors, we will host presentations from AccessLex Institute and the Law School Admission Council. We will also have a special guest speaker discuss some of the things they are doing at their institution to have built up a top feeder of Black and minority students to law school. This will be followed by a featured panel made up of passionate and successful pre-law advisors from historically Black colleges and universities who will discuss the unique issues and concerns of the HBCU pre-law student and advisor and share their challenges and successes.

Our goal is to provide an open and welcoming space for discussing and sharing ideas and resources to help pre-law advisors cultivate strong relationships with their students and consider ways to provide top-notch advisement services to assist them in achieving their goals.

After these sessions, there will also be a meeting for those interested in getting involved in the HBCU Pre-Law Advisors Council.

Welcome refreshments, beverages and an evening reception will be provided.

While the advisors are attending their event, there will be concurrent activities for pre-law students. They will be able to participate in Atlanta law school tours, a mock law school class, and a scavenger hunt team-building activity which will take them around the ATL with their pre-law peers. Prizes will be awarded to the group that earns the most points in the limited time allotted.

Join us for this wonderful opportunity for HBCU pre-law advisors to get together, network, learn from one another, and connect!

This event is completely free of charge. All HBCU pre-law advisors, as well as career services and pre-professional advisors are welcome to attend.

Event Schedule