Ashley Kirkwood is a lawyer, speaker, author, and social entrepreneur who has a passion for education and social justice.

She is a committed litigator who has already worked on three federal trial teams, with the most recent being a successful civil rights jury trial. Ashley loves the legal field and recently wrote a book, The Law School Hustle, which demystifies the law school process from start to finish! It explains how to get outstanding grades, land your dream legal job, and secure outside scholarships!

Ashley knew at an early age that she would practice law and as a trial lawyer enjoys accurately and effectively telling the stories of her clients and thus recently began sharing the stories of other passionate entrepreneurs and professionals through her online channel, Passion, Purpose & Paychecks in hopes of helping others discover their professional and personal passions.

Ashley maintains an active civil rights litigation pro bono practice and enjoys volunteering with high school students through her nonprofit, The Kirkwood Foundation, which aims to increase the number of underrepresented students that enter STEM, legal, and medical careers.