Brandon Price-Crum is the Founder and President of Golden Grounds International, CEO of Mance Logistics, LLC, and Program Director for Butler County Junior Law Academy. He received his undergraduate degree from Alabama State University, where he graduated magna cum laude, and earned his law degree from Florida A&M University College of Law.

Recognized for his leadership, Mr. Crum has created educational initiatives that focus on environmental sustainability by introducing hundreds of children to sustainable living practices, agribusiness, and horticulture. Furthermore, Mr. Crum recently has launched the Butler County Junior Law Academy, which is a program for teenagers that teaches them about basic legal terminology, concepts, and theories. The program aims to get students excited about the law at an early age.

Mr. Crum, has also been awarded for his contribution in mentoring young men on the collegiate level, to help ensure that they graduate and remain on the right track during their matriculation. He has championed efforts to highlight the injustices surrounding the Flint Water Crisis such as speaking on panels, hosting events on the topic, and fundraising. As a community organizer, Mr. Crum has assisted with voter registration rallies, town hall meetings on educational initiatives, and open discussion forums on police brutality.