Dwight A. Harris Jr. was raised in Americus, GA, and attended The Albany State University in Albany, GA earning a B.A. in Political Science. He gained an intertwined, elevated state of the Black community and higher education. Also, there was a sense of belonging and motivation. He saw other students like himself rise and conquer their aspirations through education. It became apparent that this HBCU was uniquely tailored to support his success in whatever capacity he chose to pursue. For him and many other students, Albany State University will always be a HBCU where “Potential Is Realized.”

Currently, Dwight is a 3L law student at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School. He made it my personal goal to join the Black Law Students Association. Due to the current climate and his upbringing, he saw an absolute need to join this organization.

A chance to influence, not just the Black community, but also the world at large through positivity, enlightenment, inclusiveness, and purpose is what he visualizes. In terms of the perceptions of the Black community, there remains much progress to be achieved and hard work to be done. His desire is to be a vessel in bridging the gap between the community and law enforcement, community and education, as well as, the community for and against itself. Through community outreach, open dialogue, and education, he is willing to tackle these issues head on.